Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ways of WiFi hacking

WiFi hacking

Hey watts up gys this swapnil here I am with new tech knowledge for you.I thing many of you in a life try to hack something it may be without wasting your time let's get start
OK WiFi hacking is it possible ,yes it is possible there are many methods by you can hack WiFi not easily but some struggle .WiFi hacking done in all operating systems in fact Kali Linux is very best for hacking but now in this article we gonna disscus WiFi hacking in windows easy method


Step 1.

Go to your windows menue and search for CMD 

step 2.

Now right click on cmd and open as Administration.


Now type the following in cmd

.Netsh wlan show profile press enter

.now choose WiFi signal you want to hack

.Now type netsh wlan name of WiFi signal key=clear
Now scroll down the window and check for WiFi password

Gys I think this may be helpful for you if you face any problem please mention in comment

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