Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The black holes

The Black Holes.

What you think about black holes .Black holes are the king of our universe.this inverse is filled with many interesting things and the black hole is important part of our universe.
Important part? You think what he is try to say yes boy I am say black holes is important part of our universe they play very very important role in a making of Galaxy.
According to the Einstein black holes is the way of time traveling.
Let's explored the black hole.

How black holes formed
According to the modern science when an star which have a very large in a size in his last periods of his death they try to compress him self within his own gravity the inward pull of gravitation is to much the inverd pull of gravity of star destroy his atoms due to high this process a very hard mass is formed  which is known as black hole.

Why we are not able to see the black hole.
Generally we are not able to see the black holes why?
Because of there high gravitational energy light is not escape from his gravitational energy .
We see any thing if light reflect back to our eys.but in a black hole light does not come back because of high gravitational attraction.
Anorder order order order more reason is our science is not much more developed to see the much farther light years away darker object gys today many mathnatician try to caculat mass and gravitation ratio of object.
Even in our milkey way galaxy there is also a super nassi e black hole which is very very big in a size with strongest gravitation feild.
Black holes are hero's of our universe they bind our galxy.

Today there is no more hidden mistry science is grow day two day many interesting news heard.
One day we will see the super massive black hole and one day are able to travel in a time.
One day humans see the edge of the universe one day know what is life and one day we know why me and you are day you reach your goal one day science reached his final stage one day we never see this day you pride yourselves.

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