Saturday, 18 February 2017

Think About Universe

look out our Universe

All the existing matters and space making  the universe no doubt every thing in this world have a particular shape, age and size so now the question is how is old our universe.

Many of the calculation have been done to calculate the age of universe.
Our universe is 13 billion years old
So now think about the universe .

Now next how much bigger our universe  our universe suppose to be 10 billion light years in a diameter.
Diamtere is double of radius of circle 
Now I think you all of gys  guess the shape of universe .
Our universe supposed to be spherical in a shape because in the above statement only circle have diameter not triangle or square .

So the question is what kinds of think makes our universe. 
It includes many of the stars galaxy planets clusters meteors black holes
Now again think about the universe

What is the meaning of light year.
A light year is defined as the how much distance travelled by the light in one year 
In an approx light travel with a speed of  3*10^8ms-¹

Light travel in one year is  9,460,528,000,000 meter 

Beginning of the universe 
According to the modern theory our universe emerged with an explosion known as big bang.
Before this big bang it is supposed to be our universe is in point size like the tip of your pen.
But after the big explosion our universe is starting to expand now our universe is continuously expanding .
According to the experts one day may be our universe burst like an balloon because instruction and destruction is the ruel of nature every thing is made one day it will be destroyed .

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Just think about the universe

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