Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Power of An Android

Now use of Android become so common. Most people can operate smartphones but they choose Android over any other O.S. e.g. Apple IOS. But the question arises why people go to Android rather than any other device?
In this article, we gonna explore all these things.

What is Android(Operating System)

Android is a Linux Kernal-based operating system which designed for touchscreen based phones. Google own Android and releases its own smartphones named Nexus.
Google bought Android in 2005 and released its first smartphone in 2006. But the success of  Android started after 2007 when some companies took Android in their smartphones as a and provide a touchscreen. After 2013 Android was so famous, people trusted on Google.


If we talk about features then Android is incompatible. As most of the devices support Android and there are a billion users of Android.

Android supports so many features at your fingertips. Its features are so easy to use.  Like all its apps are easy in use, one can install them so easily also uninstallation procedure is not so hard. You just need to drag the app and take it to trash. It's upper bar also shows all reliable information like sim batteries and some pop-up notifications. You can drag the upper screen down to see details of all notifications.

Android also comes with mimic features, means you can operate some desktop OS in your Android-like operating Windows XP in Android. 


Most incredible ability that Android provides is its applications or apps. Android comes with many first party apps(inbuilt apps) which are powered by Google that's why people blindly trust on Android. Apart from inbuilt apps, there are millions of 3rd party apps. Android play store provides over 3 million apps which are downloadable and easy in use. But Google does not make its own apps, however, it give chances to every individual to built its own apps. Android Studio is a software which is publicly available on the internet. With a little knowledge of Java, anyone can make its own apps. Also, you need to spend the little amount to publish your app on play store which in turns give you a chance to earn well.


Since 2008 Android has launched many upgrades from 1.0 to 7.0(Nougat) and, one is still pending called Orio(8.0). 
Every upgrade comes with new features and improvements than the older one. That is why people use and want Android. Also, Android does not discriminate between companies which use its products. But the first upgrade always comes in Nexus which is Google's smartphone.

This article does not cover all Androids ability because Android is more than a smartphone device. That's why it is in billion hands.

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