Friday, 9 June 2017

Chrome's New Upcoming Update

Google Chrome has launched a new update for his Android user. In this update, Chrome has added some new features and make it easy to use. Also, they made it 20% faster than previous one. Soon this will be available on Google Play Store.

This Chrome 59 (59.0.3071.92) update has a fast loading of web pages. It has accelerated with 10-20%. As now this is update is not available on Play Store it will be rolled out in upcoming weeks. This update further contains stability and flexibility. The remarkable point is its faster page loading with less use of memory. As JavaScript also being updated.

It also has the animated support of PNGs and APNGs which are same as GIF which supports 8-bit transparency and 24-bit images. These increase the quality of images. For feedback, the 'Report and Issue' button has been added if the web page is not working.
Chrome has worked on image resize so images do not destroy permanently.

There some more good updates like long press on any link can help to save the content by downloading it. A new ' Download Page Later' has been added to Chrome's offline dinosaur, it will download the page automatically as if you come back to online.

Chrome has brought many other features which will give good browsing experience.   

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