Sunday, 18 June 2017

Command Line Interface(CLI) vs Graphical(GUI)

From starting I am working on GUI. I didn't know if it is GUI or what is GUI.  But since last 6 months, I found something called command prompt(cmd) and Terminal on Linux. Then I understand what I was using.
GUI and CLI are two different interfaces to perform the same thing. Generally, we can say computing. So I decided to share some information related to both the interfaces. If you don't know about any of them or want to know more. This post may help you. Later you may find which one is best for you.

Graphical User Interface(GUI)

What is GUI?? It may be a puzzley question, let's see what it really is.

GUI or Graphical User Interface is a graphical result. Which interacts with the user. A user can see a layout e.g. your browser or something of that kind. The user interacts with it by any software or device. 

I don't know the exact figure but I think almost 80% people use GUI either in their daily life or when they need it. I mean now all technology works on GUI. Not only your computer or laptop but also your smartphones even normal phones. Also, ATMs, swipe machine, your car, smart watches and many other things. But here we will stick to the computer and little bit with the smartphone.

Well, now the question arises why do we use GUI?

It's simple to answer, it is easy to use. Like everyone is switching to smartphones because it is easy in use. 
GUI gives ease in use. One can switch himself from one GUI software to other.
Also, it gives good understanding for users.
If you have a habit of using a mouse then GUI is software way to process stuff on the computer.
You can see all option on the screen like your browser, where there is an option for multi-tab, for address and many other things.
But you cannot use your keyboard, though you have shortcuts still it's hard to use a keyboard.

One more thing, GUI's processing is too slow from CLI because it needs some RAM and processor for graphics and layouts of GUI software.

Overall GUI is very easy to use. Even a noob can learn and understand it very easily but it needs more time and graphics processing of your system.

Command Line Interface(CLI)

Command Line Interface or CLI is a way to interact with our device by giving the command to the device. Generally, instructions or input provided by typing. It is an old and conventional method. 

It does not give ease like GUI do. Because it needs your memory power. Also, your input ability, as it needs commands by us so you need to remember those commands. 

But it is a fast and simple process for your device. Because it does not any special software(maybe in some cases). Once you can remember most of the commands, you can save your time and computer's processing power.

Linux is based on CLI, so if you want to operate it you must know most of the commands. 
It also saves your RAM's extra memory to operate extra memory, unlike GUI which needs the extra power of a computer. 

CLI has many other benefits over GUI like it can do multiple things in single commands like downloading, installation and execution of the certain file. Hacking also needs most of the work on CLI. I don't know if hackers know the use of mouse and GUI.

Also, all programming needs commands, it means whatever software you operate needs some commands. All kind of software's runs on lots of commands. Each command point to different work to execute. It means all GUI software needs CLI commands.

Overall if GUI gives you ease and good understanding CLI gives you performance and better result.
One more think both needs each other, though GUI is fully depended on CLI. CLI does not need any support.

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