Monday, 19 June 2017

How to earn 50$ per click on google adsense

hey, guys, I think every buddy know about the Google which is the today's most famous search engine ever and maybe forever.So the question is why Google help us to find any think why it provide us most of its service free like google mail, google drive, google due and other fantastic services which we use in every life The question is why Google do this why?

Just think you're self according to my research Google is the biggest marketing company of all time and he uses our information to target me you and you they even track our search in your daily life what you search what you see what you are doing on.internet listen google is a predator and we are pray.
Now come on the main topic of the above discussion how Google makes money with us and how they share a little part of his money with us.and we can earn more money with Google Adsense if you know about the keywords yes!!!! keywords.

keywords researching is good for our website ranking as well as for the chance to earn more money with Google keyword planner you just need nothing to do nothing to pay its free yes it is free just sign in your Google AdWords account go on tools then click on keyword planner and find your keyword then click on get idea here you find lots of keywords and the main thing here you find the highest Bids on that keyword now select the keyword which has highest Bids and includes this keyword in your blog post title or in your post.

Now Google fetches your post and tries to show his pray about that specific keyword advertisement some of the highest CPC keywords are listed below you can use this keyword in your post directly.

Top Ten highest CPC keywords of Google Adsense

  1. Insurance 
  2. Loans
  3. Mortage
  4. lawyer
  5. Attorney
  6. Credit
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting 
  10. Claim
You will notice that all these keywords deal with financing and industrial areas.That manages vast sums of money The above top ten keywords are most expensive keywords in Google Adsense may be you got 20-50$ per click in the US yes if you got the US click then these may be more helpful for you to earn more money.
According to my prediction on these post, you peoples may be seen Google AdWords ads may be it's just a prediction not to be sure.
please be careful when using Google keyword do not stuff your keyword in your post it's called keyword stuffing.

How Google make its Revenue with our Help?

did you know google makes 97.6% of their revenue from online pay per click advertising so now you know how Google makes money with our help?

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