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How to fetch your post link in google search console

Hey guys i am come with a new latest SEO tip.which is know as crawling on search engines basically there are many types of search engines available on internet but the most popular search engine our google so lets move on our main attention about the SEO remember guys SEO is an deep sea if you dont no how to survive in this sea then you may be in what is crawling


when you creat a new website or a blog then there is a problem google does not no about your website then you need to fix this issue by indexing your website in google search console this process called crawling.
the process of crawling is done bye google spiders

what is google spiders? they are bots they help your new website for indexing purpose guys if you are doing lots of work for your website you are writing a post in an about 4 to 5 hour but without fetching all this wast.because people dose not rach to your website.

Why you create a sitemap

many people think why we create a sitemap this is only a wast page which contains only some links
but guys listen care fully if you want a lots of traffic to your website then the presence of site map is also important.

why site map is important? 

Google crawler spider when visit your submitted link then they follow other links related to your website an sitemap contains all the links of your valuable post so when google visit to your site map 
then they follow all the links in your sitemap

what is fetching?

fetching is a process by which you can submit only a particular link to a google webmaster tool.

now a day i am facing a big problem after submitting my site map there are many post which is not indexed in google.

How to check indexing of your url 

just follow this small steps

 open Google search engine

copy your website url

type in google
site:your website url
delete the portion https:// press enter

see the result 

if your website is not indexed then google is not able to find your website it MSG like in the screen shot.

if you are facing this problem then dont worry go an resubmit your xml site map.

Second method of crawling 

the second method of crawling is know as fetching a particular post if you are doing indexing manually then follow this steps they may be helpfull in fetching a single or a bulk of post's

you need to have a goole webmaster tool which is successfully added to your website now login to your webmaster account just simply type in google webmaster tool hit enter go to webmaster link 
see screenshots 

login to your account for fetching

click on crawl on the left navigation bar of your screen

now click on fetch as a google on the left side of your screen 

now add your particular url you want to fetch in google and remove rest of the portion of your website url like

then click on fetch 

now simply click on index a box appears on your screen 
for the conformation.

click on i am not a robot and crawl only this url then we done 
all the process is done now you indexed a particular url in search engines

I hope you guys better learn about how to index a particular url with the method of google fetching tool.and i hope this small tutorial is help full for you if you are facing an problem in fetching to google then please comment.and stay tune for more SEO tips and tricks i will also teach you how to index your website in yahoo and yendix as well as being the major search engines of now.

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