Thursday, 8 June 2017

What is Einstein's Impossible Hope

According to the theory of relativity which was given by Sir Albert Einstein in 1995.the proposition
 was a breakthrough for our conception of space and time.
The theory tells us that the speed of light is not affected by the motion of all observers and the law of physics are the same for all the observers, not moving of accelerating.

The theory cleared us all the doubts of space and time.the concept of a black hole is introduced by this theory all the behavior of planets in its orbit was explained by the theory of relativity .even all the laws of space are work on the simple theory of relativity.
The theory of relativity also explains how fast the motion of an object with respect to the other object this is the most famous example of relativity theory.
But the speed of light is same in all proportions no matter how fast you are moving when you measure it.
even we are not able to travel with the speed of light there is no way.but only a single way by you are able to travel with the speed of light you need to do is to destroy your hole mass.According to the famous equation
energy or mass can neither be created nor be destroyed they only  interchange to each other this illustration of light explains many things in a science

By Newsweek
This illustration reveals how the gravity of a white dwarf star warps space and bends the light of a distant star behind it, and accompanies a new report calculating the mass of a star using gravity and bent light.

according to the concept of bending of light around the star enable us how to determine the mass of a star.
This Rule explains many interesting phenomena of nature.Einstien predicts that the light from the one star would be bent by the gravity of other stars and that if we could see this happening then we are able to measure the mass of light.
But Einstein could not think the calculation can actually be made.In 1936, he wrote, “There is no hope of observing this phenomenon directly.”
But now at that time, this impossible hope has been achieved.Several researchers, including renowned physicist Mario Livio, have just measured the mass of a nearby white dwarf star using background starlight.This report publishes in a science after hundreds of year ago.
Kailash Chandra Sahu, an astronomer with the Space Telescope Science Institute, and colleagues used the Hubble Space Telescope to search among more than 5,000 stars for a precise and slight asymmetric alignment between two stars. This alignment, the researchers knew, would result in what is known as an “asymmetrical Einstein ring.” In an Einstein ring, a circle of light forms by one star passing in front of another from our vantage point. An asymmetrical Einstein ring occurs when these two stars are just offset. That arrangement, if they could find it, would allow them to determine the mass of the star in front.
science has made many new doors of exploration of our universe every day our mother of science teaches us something new.

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