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Why Windows 10 For Any User?

8 was a big failure but 10 isn't.

Two years back on June 1, 2015. Microsoft launched its new Operating system called Windows 10.  As soon as it came to market people were so crazy to buy it. It wasn't because it was so cool and good but also a big failure of Windows 8 and 8.1.

Microsoft's Operating Systems

Microsoft started its career by overtaking Apple Empire of Steve Jobs. And after that, it never went back.
From 1985 to 2016 it made 12 new operating systems and an upgrade of Windows 10 in 2016.

  • Windows 1.0 (1985)
  • Windows 2.0 (1987)
  • Windows 3.x (1990,1992)
  • Windows 95  (1995)
  • Windows 98  (1998)
  • Windows ME (2000)
  • Windows XP (2001)
  • Windows Vista (2006)
  • Windows 7 (2009)
  • Windows 8 (2012)
  • Windows 8.1 (2013)
  • Windows 10  (2015)
  • Windows 10 upgraded  (2016)
After every OS there upgrades were awesome. But in  2012 they made a new OS called Windows 8. It was for touch user but users didn't like it. There was no any start menu and there were two windows on the screen. And it was so irritating though there were some new upgrades as one can see, conventional designs were missing and that's why two years later they made a new OS called Windows 10.
It was inspired by Windows 7 and had so many new upgrades which I am going to tell you in remain section.

Windows 10

Windows 10  inspired by Windows 7 and there were many new upgraded features which made it first user choice for new users. 
Let's see what they have made for us.

Return of Start Menu

Microsoft launched its start menu by the help of Windows 10 and it is incredible.
 It is in the same place where it should be, on the bottom right of the screen. It got two menus, besides each other. The left submenu is for the recent apps, on the other hand, right is for suggestions. There is also a power button on the side screen with user account settings and general settings. 

Cortana to Search Anything

There is an option called Cortana search which is just beside the start menu. If you are too lazy then it may be worthy of you. It can search on your computer and if you have the internet then it can be your alternative to Google. 
It also has speech recognition which can read your words easily.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has replaced former Internet Explorer. It also supports Cortana which helps for more reliable search. It also looks good with Windows 10 background. It also supports PDFs, so no need of any PDF reader.

Beyond Multitasking

10 has improved version for multitasking. So many shortcuts have been added for better multitasking experience. Even now you can create many windows screen and switch them easily.

You can swipe between desktops. Switch them left to right. And can split the display.

XBox for Gamers

If you are a gamer and don't know about XBox then believe me you missed something awesome. 
It provides more gaming options, like good video quality, It has DirectX 12 graphics.
It gives 4k experience to gamers and you can connect with your friends very easily.
It also gives more gaming options and many new and old games with remarkable graphics.
This OS is built for games with this XBox feature.

Action Center

This feature is so important for users. It provides quick access to all necessary items like Bluetooth, brightness control, sound settings, VPN settings, general settings and all important notifications including updates of OS and apps.

One Drive

One drive is a cloud storage, which is freely available for Windows 10, 8.1 and Xbox users. It builds to store all your data and can be accessed by the internet or above options. If you are using other devices then Internet is a must. Data can be synchronized in OneDrive. Also, it stores all your password and data. For this user needs an Outlook Profile(ID).

Windows Store

This is what I like most in Windows 10, it came with its own store. Though it was introduced in Windows 8 still it looks awesome in Windows 10. It's not same as Play Store but still, it is so good to download apps for Windows. All supported apps can are downloadable. Also, it is safe to use rather than malicious sites. I've recently played Asphalt 8 in Windows 10.


This is what I love most in Windows 10. Since a long time, Windows is a favorite target of hackers. Due to this Microsoft worked on its security features, though it's not saved as Linux or Mac OS but still if you know what you are doing Then you can save yourself from attackers.
There Administrator's permission to open or install something unidentified thing is a good is a security. It always gives you chances to save yourself by the warning message.
It also got improved Windows Defender and Firewall. Which are so important in order to protect.
Still, it got so many holes but little bit awareness can save you from major defects.

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One more thing it has, self-recovery. This is so important if you don't know the reason of crash. Still, if it is able to figure out the problem it will correct it by itself or notify you all the process.

Also, it updates itself periodically, which is so important in sense of security. It will always give you best results of updates.

That's all for today, I will update it more because still, this article is incomplete.

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