Android: Custom ROM vs Stock ROM

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ROM or Read Only Memory is a general word, frequently used in computers which define the storage capability of computers. But in the case of smartphones, ROM defines for all the database which is stored in our internal memory, that we can read easily.

Android is a great platform for developers who want to customize the ROM of any device. As Android is open-source, that’s why we have many options with it.

In this article, we will talk about stock and custom ROM.

Stock ROM

Stock ROM is the ROM that launched by your mobile company.It is the ROM that comes with the packed box from the manufacturer. It is an official ROM which can be used if your previews ROM has been deleted or if there is any other problem.

Stock ROM usually does not specify a user a user if he wants some changes in their phone like performance, new upgrades, new apps etc. Stil, it is useful as it contains all the previews version and features. Also, you have flashed your phone without entering the new ROM correctly, then you can add it on your own. As it comes from official site so you don’t need to worry about any other issue.

Stock ROM contains same features but it does not contain any bug and any other type of problem. Because before launching any ROM for developers and users, company checks all the ROM, and after all clarification, they launch the ROM.

Custom ROM

Customization of the ROM is called custom ROM. As Android is open for any one. So, developers get its code and customize it. Custom is beneficial in many aspects but it can be problematic for your smartphone. Let’s see advantages of adding custom ROM with its disadvantage.

Instant Updates of Android

If you have a custom ROM instead of Stock ROM on your phone then you can download all latest updates of Android and use it easily. Google releases Android updates very frequently usually every month that can be seen in Nexus and Google Pixel but most of the third-party smartphone manufacturer does not give these updates to the older version of the phone. Usually, they forget about their older model and work on new one. Also, a manufacturer who provides these updates take lots of time like a month or two may be. Nougat is a live example of such problem, it been a year still only about 13 percent phones got this update whereas Android O is on the way to arrive.

With custom ROM you can easily flash the latest version of Android as fast as it arrives. CyanogenMod is best for this purpose. They make updates suitable for most of the smartphones. They have their own tweaks and most of the ROM is suitable for any model of phone.

Change Default Theme

By default, smartphone manufacturer does not allow its user to change theme and skin of your OS. But with custom ROM you can add or remove these. Maybe rooted phone has this type of capabilities but still, all permission may not be possible with it. You can add any theme, even an Android phone can have iPhone’s theme or windows theme.


Clocking speed is the speed of processing of any CPU and overclocking allows them to increase the clocking speed. Unlike computers, smartphones do not allow to overclock as it affects the performance of any device. Heating is the biggest issue that can be seen.

Still, overclocking is a good way to perform some heavy task, that’s why custom ROM allows you to overclock your phone. Also, you can underclock your device in custom ROM. 

Remove Default Apps

The bundle default package that comes with almost all smartphone sometimes irritates the user. Like dual apps in Mi’s phone. Most of us don’t need dual apps but you cannot uninstall them or remove them. Rooted phones can uninstall them but they will still occupy space. With custom ROM you can permanently remove all these apps and stuff that are not necessary.

Other Applications

There are much other application and customisation in custom ROM, below are some of them.
  • Install skin for customization of the look of your phone.
  • Change your quick start menu.
  • You can disable the volume warning single.
  • Easily enable root access.
  • Change the settings of volume and power button.
  • Enhance battery life.
  • Enhance performance.
  • Change/ remove all default options.

In short, you can have full control on your phone with custom ROM.

    But with customization of comes with many risks, some of them blow in the list.
    • Can lose the warranty of the phone.
    • Can brick the phone with improper flashing or if the ROM is not supportable.
    • Can lose the performance of battery life and performance.

    A bad ROM can affect your phone very badly. So, chose your ROM wisely.

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